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Leaves shaped USB drive

Low-carbon eco-friendly wooden tree leaves shaped USB drives,bamboo to create a natural,Seiko sculpture,low carbon creative USB flash drive gifts.On the back side,can support lettering printed LOGO,this cheap tree leaves shaped USB drives,the biggest feature of this bamboo tree leaves flash drive is a magnet usb cap,the other in the wood material can also play their clients a shell is made of pure natural bamboo as a material painstakingly created from the processing of U disk shell,exclusive production,classical,personalized fashion,combines the advantages of environmental protection in one,so use those who have the feeling of returning to nature,can engrave different patterns.

1.       USB 3.0&USB 2.0 criteria

2.       Support Plug and play,very convenient

3.       Support windows,Mac OS Linux and other system

4.       No need to install setup program(except WIN 98)

5.       OEM logo imprint or engraveded welcome

6.       CAPACITY:32MB-256GB

Leaves shaped USB drive
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